Q: First and foremost, for those who are unaware, what it the x10 technology?

A: The X10 Knee Recovery System™ is a new knee surgery recovery protocol centered around the X10 Knee Machine. The X10 prepares knee patients for an upcoming surgery (strength and range-of-motion) and helps them recover months more quickly when compared to traditional therapy after surgery. The X10 machine stops muscle atrophy, regains knee range-of-motion and does it quickly without pain.

Q: How did the X10 come into creation? How long has it been around? What is the story behind it?

A: The X10 was invented by Paul Ewing (an engineer) and Dr. David Halley (an orthopedic surgeon). It came about as Dr. Halley was nearing the end of his surgical career and continued to find that while surgeries had dramatically improved, outcomes continued to lag due to the lack of innovation in physical therapy.

It took six years of extensive research and development and testing to develop the first X10 1.0 model. The X10 2.0 was first put into use in 2010 in a small test in Michigan. We have treated more than 4,100 patients at this point with significant expansion in the number of X10 machines available for use happening in early 2018.

Q: I am aware that it can help people with arthritis who are considering or will have an upcoming knee surgery or surgeries. Is everyone a candidate, why or why not?

A: Nearly everyone is a candidate as the machine is easy to use, provides strong therapy feedback and extra motivation, and allows patients to get in lots of therapy in the comfort of their own home without rehab pain. The obstacle has been that insurance coverage has been limited and that there is a cost to the patient to use the X10. We have been covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield in our home state of Michigan for three years; we expect other insurers will follow in 2018.

Another obstacle is simply awareness of the X10. There may be some surgeons who have a very specific protocol for their patients and who are yet unaware of the X10. We open up a dialogue with those surgeons on behalf of prospective patients as requested by the patient.

Q: What sets the X10 apart from other knee technologies that have been on the market for years? In other words, what does the X10 have to offer that others do not and can’t provide?

A: The X10 is truly unique. There is no tool that reads the knee 100% of the time, adjusting the therapy to the bending and comfort levels of the patient. Additional there is no other tool that combines this patented sensing with a complete battery of strengthening tools.

Q: Is this currently available to everyone in the United States? If not, which states could we see get the X10 in the coming year and on?

A: As of January 2018 The X10 is available in 19 states on the East Coast, Southeast and Midwest. The offering is expanding dramatically in 2018 with more X10 machines and the opportunity to serve a larger population. The geography may expand by the end of the year. We are looking for a significant footprint expansion in 2019.

Q: What can people expect from the X10 technology in the coming year?

A: We are launching a bilateral X10 in early 2018. This X10 4.0 machine allows patients to more easily build strength on both legs prior to surgery and continue to work both knees afterwards to stop atrophy, build strength and range-of-motion on both legs. For bilateral knee surgery patients (surgeries on both knees at the same time) this is a particularly important advancement, but it will be a big benefit for all patients.

We also are increasing our efforts on marketing outreach through The X10 Meta-Blog, a forum for different knee authors, surgeons, patients, therapists. We publish a different author each week. To sign up for the weekly blog click here: X10 Meta-Blog Subscription.

Q: For those who are interested in potentially using the X10 and want to learn more, where can they go check out more information and who can they contact in their area?

A: Our website is a great place to go to learn about X10: www.x10therapy.com. To schedule a free consultation one can go to this address: Schedule a 15 Minute Call with a Knee Recovery Coach

Additionally, our YouTube Channel is an easy way to get to know us though patient and practitioner videos. Channel: X10 Therapy.

Lastly for those who may or may not be interesting in X10, but are interesting in a lively dialogue about knee recovery and health we have created a wonderful private Facebook Discussion Group entitled: Knee Surgery Recovery and Rehab. All are welcome there.

*Answers to this Q&A Interview were provided by PJ Ewing, Chief Marketing Officer of X10 Therapy.