If you are married, getting married in the near future or want to be married someday and living with rheumatoid arthritis, these three tips can help keep your union strong and alive for years to come.


These are simple methods anyone can use to spice up their love life. Living with chronic illness doesn’t mean you are doomed from having a fulfilling life with your partner- in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It can provide character and a strong bond, which are the building blocks for a happy union.


Don’t stop dating

Living with rheumatoid arthritis can sometimes have you feeling like not dating at all. It can leave you feeling anything but romantic.

Though once you have been in a relationship or a marriage for a while, it can be easy to fall into a rut. The comfort zone is known to be an area where many couples fall privy to. One thing that can help release you from this trap, is to not stop dating. While it’s fun to stay in, go see a movie and eat at your favorite restaurant, going to new places together can bring back that excitement that was there from the beginning.

Many people are perfectly fine doing the same old things and don’t feel that they get bored. However, those with long-lasting marriages have also said that continuing to date one another is one of their secret ingredients to keeping their union alive.


Release your inner child

With any chronic illness there may be certain passions, hobbies or interests you let fall to the wayside. Many times there are physical limitations which stop us from enjoying the things we once loved doing on our own or with a significant other.

Although these are limitations only if we make them that way. It’s the perspective we choose to see our life through. There are different ways to modify the past-times we enjoy. Say if you loved hiking but it’s now hard to climb due to arthritis, you can still visit national parks to enjoy the scenery. Visiting old spots you went to as a child with your loved one and even children, can make you feel like a kid again as well.


Get creative

There will be times when chronic illness will leave you no choice but to get creative in your relationship and marriage. The reality is that there can be hard times. It’s during these moments that bringing fun and laughter into your lives can help the both of you. Having a staycation at home, spa day, playing board games, watching a funny movie while cuddling in bed, baking or cooking your favorite meal together, can all be creative ways to spend time with one another. This may seem like the same old boring ideas, but putting your own individual spin to the moment can make it special during any rough patches.


If you are finding you need help from outside sources don’t feel discouraged, upset or hard on yourself. Sometimes it takes an ongoing third party perspective to get the clarity needed to help your union get back into balance or find another solution that’s the best for both people involved.

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*Note: While this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own.