According to the Everyday Health article, “How to Manage Arthritis Flares During the Holidays,” people living with arthritis do better in warmer weather. So when the winter arrives in the Northern Hemisphere during the holiday season, joint pain can increase. Simply put, “the fluid in your joints is like the oil in your car. It doesn’t move as well in cold weather.”

Here are some tips to try avoiding flare ups during special occasions:

  • Eat smart and avoid triggers that create pain and inflammation. Healthy fats, calcium, and vitamin D are good to incorporate into your diet during the winter months when there is a decrease in sun exposure.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body and joints hydrated.
  • Manage stress by not overexerting yourself. Rest when you need to. Cancel or reschedule plans. Don’t feel guilty for making yourself a priority for just a moment. Balance your energy reserves so you can do a little bit of everything. Spend time enjoying a hobby or passion, and indulge by buying something you want or need.
  • Dress warm to avoid frostbite. When joints are warm, they loosen up and are happy.
  • Take pain relievers when needed and don’t wait till the pain is bad.
  • Try anti-inflammatory and pain relieving supplements like fish oil, turmeric, vitamin D, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Sometimes flares aren’t avoidable. In this instance, always call your doctor for prompt treatment or visit your local hospital.

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