With summertime, comes traveling for many. Whether you are traveling by plane, car, bus, train or going somewhere far or near, it’s always a good idea to be prepared especially if you are living with any form of arthritis.

Traveling can do a number on your body in general. With these pain-free travel tips from the Arthritis Foundation below, hopefully any travel plans can be a breeze.

In the article, “8 Tips for Pain-free Travel,” they mention to ‘Be Med Ready’ by keeping, “All medications with you and not in checked bags, say experts. Pack medicines that require refrigeration, like some biologics, in a small cooler or in a Ziploc bag with an icepack. Buy a high-tech pillbox if you need medication reminders. Check ahead to find the closest pharmacy to where you’re staying. You may even want to ask your doctor for an extra written prescription to take with you as a backup.”

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