It has been long noted that new onset rheumatoid arthritis right after giving birth and in the postpartum period, is common among women.

Here are some reasons why this happens:

  • The changes occurring in the body during pregnancy are profound.
  • Trauma is a known factor in rheumatoid arthritis and whether you give a natural birth, use epidural or have C-section, it’s a shock to the body that takes some women longer to heal from.
  • The reason this happens is still unclear but fluctuating hormones woman experience after childbirth along with the trauma during delivery, can spark the condition to arise during healing if a woman is genetically susceptible and has other factors at play during the time.
  • Your immune system also experiences changes. A woman’s immune system is overactive after pregnancy.
  • Hyperactive immune systems can cause an attack on things that weren’t harmful to the mother before pregnancy such as, certain foods and environmental substances. This can lead to triggers that spark an inflammatory response leading to an autoimmune disease diagnosis.


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