If I can describe one word for the YuYu Bottle it would be: genius. Coined the, “world’s first hot long water bottle” from the company itself, it really does hold up to its description. Heat and cold packs help with the symptoms I experience due to rheumatoid arthritis. Heat can help tremendously when I’m having joint and muscle pain or tenderness. The YuYu is one of my go-to items when I needed some relief.

I am currently using this product as I write this review and how could I not? It’s so cozy and luxurious. It’s winter now where I am located. so this is the perfect companion during cold days when I’m in pain.

As Amelia Liana, YouTuber and Blogger stated:

“If I had the choice between Ryan Gosling in my bed or this guy, I would definitely choose this guy! He keeps me so snuggly and warm.”

While that is a hard decision, I couldn’t agree more. The bottle is used by many people with various health conditions ranging from endometriosis, pregnancy, menstrual pain, musculoskeletal issues and more.

YuYu Bottle gifted me their Emerald Wearable Super Soft Fleece version. There is a strap attached to the product that allows you to wrap it around your body in different ways, leaving your hands free to go about your daily routine.



Need to do some chores while heating your body up or just want the hassle free option of not needing to readjust a heating pack? Then this is right up your alley. I sometimes need to do both, so having this option is a lifesaver for me.

The other upside is that the bottle doesn’t require that much maintenance. It may look intimidating but all you need to do is store it in a cool, dry, dark place when not in use.

Once you empty the water, leave it hanging upside down with the stopper off until the bottle becomes dry inside. (Just like with an item you put in the dishwasher and leave on the rack to dry before placing in the cupboard.)

If you are using the YuYu for more targeted aches and pains around your body like I am, you only need to fill it with water half the way. Otherwise, it only requires less than 1 liter of hot, not boiling water.



Dr. Brian King says, “the elongated YuYu Bottle stands out because it takes advantage of the horizontal arrangement of sensory nerves supplying the human skin and deactivates the pain receptors at a molecular level.” 
– Dr Brian King, Professor of Physiology, University College London.


No wonder it works so efficiently!

For additional instructions and information on the YuYu Bottle visit their website here.


*Note: Whilst this post is sponsored by YuYu Bottle, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.