The Mighty MedPlanner by Mighty Well is your new best friend when it comes to storing all your medications, pills, supplements, vitamins, supplies and more. I had the opportunity to test it out myself and if there is one thing to say about it, it’s that you need to get your hands on one!

If you are living with a chronic illness, then you are aware of how much of a hassle it can be to bring all your belongings that you need throughout the day with you. While many people lay out their clothes and prepare meals for work, school and travel beforehand, we also spend extra time in addition to all of this making sure we have all of our medications, supplements, and other items that help us function in order.

I am always on the search for products that can help keep my things organized. Back before I first discovered pill cases, I used zip lock bags. While this is a good option if you don’t have anything else on hand, it’s not as discreet. I don’t have any shame taking medications and supplements I need in front of strangers, but it does help to have a system that keeps me organized and stores items safely.

It became tiresome having to fumble around my purse for each labeled baggie that read either; breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon, late afternoon, dinner, evening, bed time and so on. I have found Amazon to be my go to when it comes to finding different cases, but I’m happy to have come across Mighty MedPlanner.

The name speaks for itself- it really is mighty. With it’s hard exterior and sleek design, it looks like a case you would use for technology.

Here are the reasons I love this product and as stated on The MightyWell MedPlanner/Case website here.

  • Great for patients and caregivers. If it accommodates and is easily accessible to both that’s when you know it’s a good product.
  • Very easy pull on zipper tab to open and close the case.
  • Easy organization. It has elastic bands where your syringes (if you take injections) can go. I have never found a case that was hard enough to protect my injections. It can even fit essential oils or other small items in this section too.

Fits my injectable medication and a couple of my favorite essential oils I use for immediate pain and inflammation relief.



  • Offers a medical ID card you can fill out with important information in case it gets lost or something else happens.



  • 7 daily pill pages or in other words an upscale version of a very sturdy easy to open and close zip lock bag, that is constructed in a three ring folder and divider type of lay out- pretty cool. My supplements fit well inside as seen below and were secure.


  • Travel friendly. This has to be my favorite feature by far. If you needed to put this in a carry on or suitcase, none of your belongings would get ruined because the protection the sturdy design provides. This will keep your stuff safe through airport security too.


The only very minor drawback with any new product and other pill cases in general, is that there can be that distinct new product smell. Leaving it open before first-time use helped.

So if you’re on the market for a new travel, work, school or just an on the go type of case to fit all your important items in an organized, safe and secure manner then this is something to buy.

I’ll be heading to Boston in a couple weeks and this couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’m looking forward to testing it out via long-distance traveling. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel, where you can tune into see me talk more about this amazing product.


*Note: This post contains some affiliate links. I have been given this product as part of a product review process. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.