This week many of us arthritis warriors raised awareness for World Arthritis Day on October 12th by either sharing our stories, statistics, or wearing arthritis gear. I recently shared a poem on The Mighty giving a glimpse into the symptoms I experience while living with rheumatoid arthritis.

So, I am inviting you all to join in on sharing a poem about your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Once you have publshed the poem on your blog, add the URL to this page by clicking on the ‘Add Your Link” button below. Include a thumbnail image with the #MySymptoms as part of your title, I can also create one for you if you don’t have one. Your poem will show up on the bottom of this page (see my link as an example).

If you don’t have a blog but would still like to participate, you can email me your poem at and I will share it on my Instagram stories where it will then be featured in the ‘Community’ highlight section.

This is an ongoing LinkUp hosted by RisingAboveRA. I look forward to seeing all the entries! 

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Snap, Crackle and Pop

These are #MySymptoms

Snap Crackle and Pop
No, that is not the sound
of Rice Krispies cereal
but the sound of
my joints,
my bones,
my tendons.

Snap Crackle and Pop
Rheumatoid arthritis is
One day I hurt,
another day I have
swollen joints
or both
On a good day
I have neither

Snap Crackle and Pop
When will this stop?
Nobody knows because
there is no cure, it is chronic
Take this medication,
supplement, do this alternative
treatment they say
But how long will it last?

Snap Crackle and Pop
It can last forever
Today I woke up with no symptoms
Tomorrow I will
It can last forever,
a rollercoaster that never ends
Each day is closer to remission,
when the snap, crackle and pop
will then be only a distant memory.


*Note: This was originally published on The Mighty, you can view it here.