As promised- here is my personal list of Arthritis Anchors.

If you’re just tuning in you can reference back to my blog post in May about what an arthritis anchor is here and watch me speak about it on my YouTube Channel, RA and Myself.


My Faith/Spirituality

Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, so I won’t get too much into this subject and get preachy. I am a believer, I pray, meditate and my spirituality these past several years has gone to another level which has helped my mind, body and soul tremedously. It has provided relief of my symptoms, acceptance and a whole lot more.


Family- Immediate

From the beginning, they have seen first-hand just how tough my hard days can be and how easy my good days are. People you are around almost 24/7 or just grew up with, usually have a different view of your health journey than those you meet later on in your path.


Friends and Online Community

Friends and those in the online community can be even closer to you than your own extended family at times. Like family, my friends have seen my struggle throughout the years, have been supportive during rough patches but have continued to be there even after the storm has passed. People I have met in the arthritis, chronic illness, joint replacement and disability communities have been such a blessing. These people truly get it because they live it or have lived it. It’s a different form of empathy, compassion and deep understanding within the connection, that isn’t always found in other relationships right off the bat.


Medical Team

My medical team, like my family has seen all the bad and good days too. Without their help and knowledge where would I be? Where would any of us be? We live in an age were medical advancement is at its ultimate high. Although we have yet more to discover, the options we have today weren’t so readily available to people in our shoes 50 or 100 years ago. So no matter what kind of medical professional you see to help treat or alleviate your symptoms and disease activity, take a moment to be grateful.

If you’re lucky to have a doctor who helps you right away when there’s an emergency, is a phone call or email away and keeps you motivated to continue fighting, then you’ve found a good one. Every medical professional I see works so hard to help people like me, function better in day to day life.


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Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Abundance, and above all else, Good Health to all of you.