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RA,Fibromyalgia, PMR Migraines,Rosacea Hypertension,Eczema Scalp Psoriasis,Scoliosis,TMJDisorder,General Anxiety Disorder,Social Anxiety Disorder,Agoraphobia,Panic Disorder,Gastroesophegal Reflux Disease(GERD),Mild Spinal Stenosis


Bio: (Describe a what a good day looks like)

I am Judy Advocate for Chronic Illness and Mental Health, Published Writer in Real Life Diaries-Living With Rheumatic Disease (Find it on Amazon, Contributor in #IPainLivingMagazine,#CureArthritis Crew Member for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, @AIArthritis Rep, International Pain Foundation(#IPain) Delegate, @Clara_Health Breakthrough Crew Member. And WEGOHealth Nominee in 2017 for best in show Facebook and Twitter. I love animals and photography. I Advocate in support of all who live with any illness, I make my own graphics as well as volunteering online to help create global awareness.


Is there anything that helps you to rise above your condition? (Include anything that has worked for you. Examples: conventional medication, supplements, alternative treatments, diet, your faith, religion, healers, spirituality, exercise. Please also include any advice, tips or tricks you may have)

I rise above my condition by volunteering with various orgs online because I feel together we can all make a difference. I like to take in nature and do Mindfulness therapy as well as use my tens Machine. I have yet to try many other options that I know are out there but for now I use what I can afford. Not every treatment works for everyone so really all I can offer is do what’s best for you at the time when you need it.


What does life look like at its best with your condition? (Describe a what a good day looks like)

A good day for me looks like maybe going shopping for a day or going visiting or maybe even going to a movie otherwise I’m at home.


What challenges have you faced in regards to your specific situation?

The main challenges have been trying to keep my hypertension under control and comordities.


They say our life experiences shape who we are. How has your condition molded you to the person you are today? How has it inspired you and what strengths have you gained from your health journey?  

My conditions as much as I hate them at times I also have so much to be thankful for and that’s the communities and connections I have made throughout my journey and friendships I have made during my advocacy. I have made connections and they are all amazing. I have gained experience through volunteering and multiple support networks. I have also been a contributor in magazines and books and I will say I’m proud of myself because if I’m not how will anyone else be. It’s good to take pride in what we do. #Patientleaders


What is the one life motto or mantra that helps you to keep fighting/going on with your condition and why?

We are united and together we can make a difference #UnitedAdvocacy because a cure will one day be found and I will never give up on hope.



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