I Am Keeping It Real With Arthritis Challenge



Throughout the whole month of May 2019.


May is Arthritis Awareness Month. The purpose of this is to not only raise awareness but connect with fellow arthritis warriors.

We all know living with any type of arthritis can be hard. However social media, especially Instagram can be a powerful tool in connecting and relating to others.

We can share our ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, things that motivate, inspire and bring us joy, in just a picture.


Anyone living with arthritis (all forms) is eligible to participate.


Instagram. Follow @iamkeepingitrealwith and @risingabovera for updates.


Each Monday (May starts off on Wednesday 5-1, so that will be the first Monday and the winner that day will be announced on Sunday 5-5) the same prompt will be posted on both Instagram accounts (see the above Where?).

Participants will need to either share a certain photo or answer a question with the hashtag, #IAmKeepingItRealWithArthritis.

In order to be eligible to participate and win a prize, the hashtag must be used (you will not be found any other way).


The four prizes are TBA on Tuesday 4-30-19.

Each Sunday (May 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th) one winner will be announced via Instagram, for that particular week. I will contact you directly as well. 

Note: If you win a giveaway one week, you won’t be eligible to win or be featured in the Arthritis Warrior Wednesday spotlight (see below) for a second time. Prizes will be mailed or emailed to all winners in the beginning of June.


Winners of each week will have a featured spotlight for Arthritis Warrior Wednesdays on @iamkeepingitrealwith and @risingabovera Instagram. Those who win will be contacted with further details each Sunday. Think of it as a mini-takeover.

*There will be a special Arthritis Warrior Wednesday spotlight you won’t want to miss on 5/1. Stay tuned!


Take the time to get involved in a creative form of

self-expression, using just a picture and phrase.

Got Arthritis?

Join the #IAmKeepingItRealWithArthritis movement throughout May 2019 on Instagram.



Want to see what last year’s challenge looked like?

    Check out participants photos below.