How to Submit a Keeping It Real with Arthritis Story?

Thank you for your interest! We all have unique struggles with arthritis that deserved to be voiced, heard and shared. Equally of importance, is showing who the person is (their interests, passions, hobbies, goals, dreams, career, likes, dislikes, etcetera) behind the veil of arthritis, while providing a real life glance to the many layers of the disease. By keeping it real and sharing our collective wisdom we can help raise awareness, advocate for ourselves and others, learn something new, and relate and connect to one another.

Please follow the instructions below when submitting your story.

1. Question & Answers

Submit answers to the following questions. If you don’t feel comfortable answering something feel free to skip, but please try your best to answer all the questions. Provide as little or as much detail as you want. If you want to remain anonymous, use an alias, use a shortened version of your name, etcetera that is fine. You will have access to what you submit and copyrights to all personal information you send such as photographs.

  • Name?
  • Location?
  • Diagnosis/Diagnoses?
  • Bio (Who are you? What do you do? Tell me about yourself)
  • Is there anything that helps you to rise above your condition? (Include anything that has worked for you. Examples: conventional medication, supplements, alternative treatments, diet, your faith, religion, healers, spirituality, exercise. Please also include any advice, tips or tricks you may have)
  • What does life look like at its best with your condition? (Describe what a good day looks like)
  • What challenges have you faced in regards to your specific situation?
  • They say our life experiences shape who we are. How has your condition molded you to the person you are today? How has it inspired you and what strengths have you gained from your health journey?
  • What is the one life motto or mantra that helps you to keep fighting/going on with your condition and why?
  • Do you have any social media links you would like me to share? If so, please include but not limited to; Blog/Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

2. Pictures

Please provide one or two photographs of yourself that can be placed with your Keeping It Real Arthritis story. This is needed however if you rather stay anonymous please state that you will not provide a picture.

3. Submit

Answers and photograph(s) can be sent to RisingAboveRa [at] (Email is not case sensitive)