I am not Oprah, and this isn’t a list of my favorite things. Well, kind of. But I’m just a girl who happens to 1) live with a chronic illness 2) considers herself to be a quite thoughtful exceptional gift-giver. So, I have curated a list of 12 fun, uplifting, and comforting items for yourself, those living with a chronic illness or not. We can all use some good vibes and support as we head into this holiday season and New Year!

*The first six products and companies were mentioned in my YouTube video. I am not sponsored by any of these, nor do I get any income via affiliate links. This is a list I made on my own. Video can be watched here and below.

Satisfy your sweet tooth, give someone a sweet gift- no pun intended, and help out a good cause. Triple win!

A little more about the company:

Coconut Whisk is a mission-driven vegan & gluten-free baking mix company that helps busy families create healthy indulgences & positive kitchen experiences. Our yummy-tasting baking mixes are easy-to-make, dietitian-approved, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. From pancakes to muffins to cookies, we make sure to create products that are better-for-you yet indulgent. 

  • Our mission is to make the world a better place… one plant-based meal at a time.
  • Our grand vision is to cumulatively donate $1 million to our partners that address food insecurity and hunger.


Two ladies who create chronic illness themed products, who happen to be living with chronic illness. If you want to support a small business this holiday season, look no further. All the products are handmade, talk about creative talent!

*This company was recently featured in a giveaway I hosted on my Instagram @risingabovera for Pain Awareness Month in September. Check it out here.

Find them on Instagram here.

Chronic Illness Awareness Prints and Stickers

Find them on Instagram here.

As mentioned in my video, I bought the ‘Spill the Tea’ print and ‘Chronic but Iconic’ sticker recently. While they are inexpensive, the quality is great. You can tell how much love goes into each item. Another rad small business to support on Etsy. 


Flaring and hot! How did I miss this one?!

Anyone could use good bandaids, not just those living with chronic illness. But if your medication is in the form of an injection, having a fun bandaid on hand to use afterward makes all the difference. It makes the experience ten times better, and this has always been my go-to tip. If you know someone who is just starting on this journey or even switching medications (which is not unusual), gifting fun bandaids can give them some much-needed upliftment and support to know they are not alone.

A little about Patches mission:

Born at my dining room table after being tired of the same old bandages. I wanted to create a way to make my weekly injections more enjoyable. I was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of eight and have been taking injections ever since. Through PA+CHES, I hope to make the injection process more enjoyable for others as well. Each fabric is unique and crafted by small business designers, I hope you can find one that speaks to you.

Percentage of all purchases are donated to the Arthritis Foundation. 

Follow them @patcheshcb on Instagram and find them on Facebook, Etsy, and their website

Subscription Boxes

The first two subscription boxes below, as mentioned in my YouTube video, are created by spoonies for those living with chronic illness. Though the nice thing is that the majority of these products are universal and can provide some comfort, upliftment, happiness, and peace to just about anyone or yourself.

Can’t go on winter vacation right now? Yeah, me neither. But you can still send your inflammation on vacation this November, December, and all of winter (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere that is). This was created by a rheumatoid arthritis warrior too!

About Inflammation Vacation’s mission:

Each inflammation relief inspired box includes wellness products and tools to help provide comfort to your joints and ease pain caused by inflammation. These products are in no way a substitute for medication, but as a way to relax your joints and bring your joints and mind happiness, while experiencing a flare. The box also includes products I’ve found help with side effects from the different medications I take, for example, nausea. As someone who lives with chronic inflammation in my joints, I find it extremely important to supply quality products that work. Each item is handpicked by myself and something I would use for my personal comfort as well. 

Uplifting boxes for people living with chronic illness. The UK based. Ships internationally. They even have a ‘Sleep Kit’ for anyone who wants to create a bedtime ritual for better sleep. 

Find them on Instagram @spoonie_box

Perfect gift for those chronically ill single ladies or even gentlemen. But this box isn’t only if you’re single. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself.

About their mission:

At SinglesSwag we do not subscribe to any societal or cultural expectations on women. We believe a woman’s happiness is determined by her outlook and attitude, not by her relationship status.

We love to make single women look and feel beautiful while empowering and inspiring them. We hope that our monthly package, created with love and delivered right to your doorstep will contribute to your happiness and well-being.

*What’s great about all of these boxes is that you can buy just one to try and there is no obligation to sign up for a subscription. Making it nice for a one time gift to someone or a treat to yourself.

RAra Shop Designs 

As seen in my YouTube video. This item is now 20% off now until 12/30/2020 on my store site. Snag one while you can with code: SPOONIE20

View here

My Wellness Hub

Community and resources to help you live your best life.

You can gift someone a subscription to the Spoonie Hub Community.

What can you expect when enrolled? See below:

Virtual social events, Workbooks, Intention setting workshops, support, and sharing guidance sessions. Tips & tricks taught by experts from around the world- both live and archived classes such as movement, meditation, nutrition, life, and career coaching & MORE!



Even if you don’t live with arthritis, it’s important to protect your hands and joints from unneeded stress, pressure, and strain, that if it continues over time can cause the “wear and tear” and “overuse” types of arthritis that are so commonly seen.

On Amazon, they have a resourceful list of items to look through for you or someone you know who could use a little help in and around the house, or during daily activities.

I also recommend dycem grip. This has been a lifesaver when opening water bottles or basically anything that would require help from someone else. I know people in my life who don’t live with any form of arthritis, who find this very helpful too. I mean let’s face it, who can open bottles and jars all the time on their own. No one is the incredible hulk…right?

I literally almost jumped out of my seat when I found these. Who else has been craving a good puzzle? I don’t own any of these but if I had to choose, the ones below are my favorites!

This company has something called discovery decks. Their topics range from; little talk, ice breaker, deeper talk, intimacy, courage over comfort.

Dating or being in a relationship with chronic illness can have its challenges. Sometimes people with chronic illness may wonder if they are ‘worthy’ of love or if it will all be too much for another. These decks give you and others a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. These are good to use with friends too.

Prompt cards to inspire connection, confidence, and creativity.

*I haven’t tried these but have heard only good things.


There are several different types, and there is a good article here that gives a break down of each.

Everyone is raving about these, and people living with arthritis from what I heard have less pain, stiffness, and overall good sleep when using this type of blanket.

I found out about this planner from fellow rheumatoid arthritis warriors on Instagram. They swear by it. I can’t count how many planners I have tried that has made me feel more overwhelmed and not organized. The design of this is supposed to do everything but those things. *Don’t own it.

Two Bonus Holiday Gift Ideas:


Greetabl is here when you need something more than a card and more personal than flowers.

I love these warrior not worrier products!

Warrior Not Worrier 

MyWellnessHub.co came out with a really nice gift guide of their own!

Check it out here