Starting noticing a slight bend in my knee. My rheumatologist at the time refused to give me any medication unless it was an infusion version. I was not comfortable with this and new there was more options. I faced neglect. There was no understanding, communication or support. Her bias of not wanting to give me a certain medication slowed down my progress to heal. Since she gave it to a young teenager who got pregnant on it, she was wary to administer it to me. I was responsible and told her I was not sexually active. I was around 25 years old, far from a teenager. Still there was no compromise. I started to take matters into my own hands. She left the practice and I saw her colleague who told me the medicine I wanted to take was perfectly safe and he had young woman on it with no issues. Social Security Disability benefits were cut, leading me with no money at all since I wasn’t working. My family helped as much as they could. The social security office became my unwanted second home. It was a nightmare. It led my family and I down a path of paperwork, waiting and lawyers. Started on methotrexate and symptoms slowly improved.