As you can see my rheumatoid arthritis journey has tossed me around like I am in some circus act. I have had ups and downs and highs and lows.  Along with good and bad times. One milestone was taking my first trip to California to celebrate my one year out of surgery. I didn’t travel for a few years prior to this and at that time I had no replacement. Anyone who has any health condition knows how hard it can be to travel and have that “extra carry on” with you so to speak. It was scary at first but it ended up working out just fine! I was proud of myself for not letting my knee get in the way of living life. At this point, I like to refer to myself as a RA veteran. My own metaphorical mountain peak is high, in fact, I consider it to be like Mt. Everest. I am navigating my way through each twist and turn towards remission. Slowly going down the mountain even if at times it may not feel like it. Slow progress, is still progress. With patience, dedication and determination, I will reach the base one day to look up.  While I have a new knee and can walk now, I still have other areas in my body that have been impacted, that may need to be addressed at some point. Hopefully, upcoming new treatments and technologies can help reverse damage without being invasive or traumatic. Whatever has happened in my past can’t be undone. All I can do is learn, move on and share my wisdom to people with arthritic conditions of all kinds, chronic illness and disability. It’s about surrendering and going with the flow. To be in the present moment and keep moving towards that star of healing no matter what, is of the utmost importance.