Q: What inspired the idea of the Chronic Readers Club?

A: Chronic Readers Club was inspired by a combination of things. Since becoming chronically ill, I’ve felt a need to connect with other people who truly understand what my life is like. Being young and chronically ill is extremely difficult and has many unique challenges, including being chronically misunderstood! So the basic idea stems from my desire to connect with and support my fellow chronic illness warriors. The idea to send books was inspired by my love of reading, which was instilled in me by my mom. She’s actually a librarian! It’s the perfect job for her. She’s definitely a chronic reader herself! And I also love to send and receive mail. That’s come from my dad, who is a mailman! Expecting mail gives you an extra little something to look forward to in the midst of all the medical visits and tests, and getting a book gives you a whole new world to explore!


Q: How does the process work and are there any fees to join?

A: There are no fees to join! The application is available on the Chronic Readers Club page of my blog, Warrior Goddess Musings! To qualify, you need to be chronically ill, age 30 or under, and live in the contiguous United States. You fill out the application, which includes basic information like name and contact info, fun stuff about yourself like your interests and hobbies, and of course your book wish list! We ask for a list of 3-5 books, from which we will choose the one you’ll receive. That’s all the work you have to do! At the beginning of each month, we notify the recipients via email that they’ll be receiving a package! Please don’t think that you won’t be getting a package if you don’t receive an email from us right away! We will get to you as soon as possible! We currently are sending out two packages each month, as Erika and I are both chronically ill, and we have limited funds, so it might not be the same month you apply, but you will get a package! In the recipient email, we’ll let you know approximately when that month you can be expecting your package. We’ll get you a tracking number once it’s sent, and your book will be in your hands shortly after (and maybe some other little goodies as well)!


Q: When submitting book choices are any genres applicable or are there ones that are off-limits?

A: Any genre is allowed! The only things that we’d consider off-limits are books of an inappropriate nature or books that are ridiculously expensive!


Q: What do you hope for people who subscribe to your services to get out of joining this?

A: We hope our program will provide an escape from the difficulties of life. We know that (unfortunately) books cannot take away physical pain, but we also know how valuable the mental escape that books provide can be. And we hope they’ll know that they aren’t alone in their fight!  


Q: What can we expect to see from the organization in the coming months or year?

A: We’ve already been very fortunate in the support we’ve received! We have many people interested in helping us, especially with broadening the program to include international applicants (and applicants from Hawaii and Alaska, of course!). In the coming months, we hope to expand internationally, and to start sending out more packages each month to make sure all of our applicants are able to receive a package as soon as possible, and to maybe even start sending each recipient more than one book!


Seen in picture above is Megan, Founder of the Chronic Readers Club and her friend Erika, who helps put the wonderful packages together!



Q: Where can people find out more information? Do you have any social media links people can follow for any updates?

A: For more information and to apply, you can visit our page at warriorgoddessmusings.com/chronic-readers-club! If you subscribe to my blog at warriorgoddessmusings.com, you’ll receive a newsletter email each month with special updates! Chronic Readers Club is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And feel free to contact me with any further questions you have! My email is, warriorgoddessmk@gmail.com


Thank you so much! Wishing you all low pain and peaceful reading!