Dating isn’t easy, especially when chronic illness is thrown into the mix. Just like any relationship there can be challenges along the way. Good communication, trust, understanding and unconditional love, are some of the elements needed for a long-lasting healthy union no matter the circumstances.


Here are some tips to incorporate into any stage of your love life.


When one or both partners are living with a chronic illness it’s important to communicate. Sometimes we can find ourselves listening in order to only respond, but when we don’t listen to understand the other person is when issues can arise. This can simply be avoided or even dealt with in a quick manner, if both people make the effort to understand one another’s communication style. If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere by talking one on one, try writing your thoughts down then giving it to your partner to read. After sometime, you can come back to talk and address whatever matter needs to be discussed.


Without trust there really isn’t a strong foundation for a successful relationship of any kind. When building a house, the people involved in that process have to ensure that there is a strong foundation or else it will crumble down. This analogy is similar to that of a relationship. Chronic illness takes a strong individual to handle all the ups and downs on a daily basis, but it takes an equally strong romantic partner to be mature enough to handle it.


If both of you are chronically ill then there is a mutual understanding of what the other person is going through. When only one partner is facing an illness, it can be hard to empathize as they aren’t exactly in their partner’s shoes. However, two people can reach an understanding if one or both have been in situations that have left them feeling unwell, lost, defeated and lonely. Once a level of trust is created to open up on a deep personal level, then empathy can manifest from understanding. 

Unconditional Love

Relationships and dating can get messy. Disrespectful behavior and anything that harms your safety in anyway should never be tolerated or excused. Despite those specific circumstances, your partner will and can make mistakes. Unconditional love is forgiving someone within healthy boundaries, and respecting the person that they are inside and out without judgement. Finding someone who will support you through the good and bad, can form this deep bond that is unbreakable.


If you are finding you need help from outside sources don’t feel discouraged, upset or hard on yourself. Sometimes it takes an ongoing third party perspective to get the clarity needed to bring balance back into your union or find another solution that’s the best for both people involved., is a platform that provides professional individual and couples counseling anytime and anywhere by a licensed therapist. Check out their website to see if it’s a good fit.


*Note: While this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own.