Since the first week of May started mid-week on a Wednesday, I decided to share the main character of my children’s book that I have been working on, for the first Arthritis Warrior Wednesday featured spotlight.

There are 300,000 kids living with juvenile arthritis, also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Over 50,000 of those children are in the United States.

I became one of those children when I was diagnosed with JA 15 years ago. My journey has played a big role in inspiring me to write a story about a character living with this condition, in a way that can be relatable and entertaining for all who read it.

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Here was the post to kick-off the challenge this year. Next year I am looking to feature people in the community living with all forms of arthritis, everyday of the month. It will be different again and with only one big giveaway at the end!


*2019 I Am Keeping It Real With Arthritis Challenge