A new year calls for new reads. These four books address everything from achieving success in your life, to healing and managing chronic illness.

Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar

This book provides a lot of advice we all may have heard at one point or another on how to succeed, but just never took the time or effort to actually implement it into our lives.

Benson provides ample amount of wisdom for those willing to listen. A lot of what he mentions is common sense but it’s always good to be reminded of the things he discusses.

The content in the book makes you reflect on how you can reach your full potential and where you are still playing small in life. Brian gives his personal philosophy on life, that is only for the purpose of helping his readers turn into a better version of themselves.

Brian introduces his readers to his accomplishments from the very beginning of the book. One thing that stood out is that while he had what many would call a ‘dream job’ managing his family business for over a decade, he wasn’t happy. “I didn’t feel like I was being my true authentic self and that bothered me.” Readers who have felt this way can resonate with the fact that at some point in their lives, a career path wasn’t fueling that soul mission within to bring about happiness.

The story takes a personal but very personable turn. Many of the “habits” and “inspired ideas” as seen in the title are more subliminal. The author doesn’t layout in bullet points these ideas or habits for success. It comes from reading the book, reflecting and using his experiences or philosophies as a sounding board to help you apply as you like in your own life.

If you are into reading stories of how someone achieved success and looking for inspiration to kick off your new year, then this is one book to have on your shelf!

Author: G. Brian Benson

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Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business

If you are living with a chronic illness and want some inspiration, motivation and advice on how to accomplish your goals and dreams, this book shows you that it’s possible with the right support.

The book isn’t an easy read as there are many different topics in the book that jump from her childhood, struggles with addiction. her autoimmune disease scleroderma and successful business venture.

I found it inspiring that she created a menu-labeling company called, MenuTrinfo. Betsy offers up advice on those starting their own business, which is valuable for any beginner.

To read this book requires patience. If you are looking for a simple, easy read were you don’t need to focus too much to follow along, then this won’t be for you.

Author: Betsy Craig

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The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living with and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain is well, a pain. Sarah Anne Shockley knows exactly what it’s like to live with pain. She uses her experiences to teach others how they can manage their pain, live and move beyond it as the title suggests.

She addresses how she ended up with chronic pain and shines a light onto the connection between work life and physical ailments, that can arise when you don’t use proper measures at your desk job.

In the fall of 2007, Shockley developed thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) from prolonged computer use in a non-ergonomic office setting.

As she navigates her way through life with chronic pain, she realizes that how one responds to pain and the emotions that come along with it are intertwined.

Sarah takes her readers on a journey of exploring various ways to managing pain from meditative approaches, listening to the body and other multi-level approaches to chronic pain readers can find valuable in the long-term.

This is an eye-opening and valuable resource. Highly recommended as a fellow chronic pain sufferer myself.

Author: Sarah Anne Shockley

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Fab Health: Understanding Why We Become Ill So We Can Get Better

In this read you will be able to relate and empathize with Agnew on how difficult it can be to have doctor’s listen to you and find a solution that works, if you have ever been in that situation. She uses a very balanced complementary treatment plan and that was refreshing as someone who also uses various methods towards healing rheumatoid arthritis.

Paulette introduces us the methods she used to heal from Lyme disease specifically. She presents research and science based information for readers in an easy to understand manner.

The way the book was arranged allows for a flowing read and each section is broken down into parts with illustrations that give a good balance to the text.

The main takeaway is that Paulette took matters into her own hands to get better and becomes an advocate for herself. She doesn’t accept the fate doctors gave her that she would have a life-time of ill health. This is an inspiring and motivating read to get out there, find a solution and make sure you have a medical team that works with you and not against, on your path to healing chronic illness.

Author: Paulette Agnew

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Note: These books have been gifted to me in part of a review process. Although these were graciously sent, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the author or any literary agents.