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“On my journey with rheumatoid arthritis, I have realized that it’s not only about fighting the condition. Living with it one day at a time- is what it’s all about. Every day I chose to keep going, rise above, and embrace all the good, the bad, and the ugly of RA.” -Effie



My documentary-style three part series film for those living with invisible disabilities and illnesses is NOW LIVE on youtube!


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Arthritis Warrior Wednesday: Pre-Challenge on Instagram Post

Since the first week of May started mid-week on a Wednesday, I decided to share the main character of my children’s book that I have been working on, for the first Arthritis Warrior Wednesday featured spotlight. 

Invisible in Chicago: What’s It Like to Live Here with Chronic Illness?

The best thing about Chicago for those living with chronic illness is the quality of medical professionals here. Especially in the integrative, alternative, functional and holistic medicine fields.

Arthritis Warrior Wednesday

I’m Carolyn and I live in California. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 3 years old when my family was still living in Southeast Asia where I was born.

Arthritis Warrior Wednesday

I was diagnosed in 2012 while I was going for my masters in my mid 40’s. It was very aggressive and my father also had a very aggressive form of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Connect2Health Conference and WEGO Health Awards Recap

If you weren’t able to tune into the WEGO Health Award ceremony on the main stage at Connect2Health via Facebook live in Boston last week, you can view some of the award speeches and more here.

What Arthritis Awareness Month Means to Me

For me, arthritis awareness month is about inner reflection, continuing to share my stories in hopes of helping someone out there and connecting with like-minded individuals within my community.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a Total Knee Replacement

Growing up I remember doing class assignments that asked us where we envisioned our lives to be in five, ten, twenty years. Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at eighteen and having a total knee replacement at twenty-nine years old, was not on my radar.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Marriage

If you are married, getting married in the near future or want to be married someday and living with rheumatoid arthritis, these three tips can help keep your union strong and alive for years to come.

Seven Go-To Shoes Those Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis Must Know About

I have been reviewing and recommending comfortable, stylish footwear for almost 11 years and I’m excited to share eight of my favorite go-to shoes I’ve owned over the years. You can read more about my journey with rheumatoid arthritis and how I started, BarkingDogShoes.com

Q & A: Joint Replacement Awareness Day® 

Joint Replacement Awareness Day Live Event April 14, 2018

When I Was Questioned for Using a Disabled Parking Placard

Almost ten years ago, my integrity was questioned regarding my chronic illness and disability for the first time. I was about four years into my diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis, and despite the dark cloud that loomed over my head on a daily basis, I felt on top of the world.

The Most Comfortable Gloves for Arthritic Hands During the Winter

With winter in full swing, I wanted to share some gloves that those with arthritis can benefit from. Many are on sale now as the fashion industry gears up to introduce spring merchandise, so grab them while you can.

TheRAconnection.com- Join today, it’s free!

This year I began working with theRAconnection, as a moderator and blogger. If you are living with RA, PsA, OA, Lupus, AS or are a loved one, caretaker, spouse, friend etcetera, of someone you know living with these conditions, then you are in the right place! I have...

Arthritis and Depression: What You Need to Know

Poorly managed, under treated and undiagnosed arthritis can lead to depression or anxiety. Existing mental health issues can aggravate arthritis too. Even those living with this illness for years can struggle on and off with these conditions. Knowing different ways to cope by either seeing a therapist, medication, exercise, diet or stress management techniques can make all the difference in having a positive outcome. 

My Arthritis Anchors

As promised- here is my personal list of Arthritis Anchors.

If you’re just tuning in you can reference back to my blog post in May about what an arthritis anchor is here and tune into me speaking about it on my YouTube Channel, RA and Myself.

MAY RECAP: Walk to Cure Arthritis Event- Team RARA Tribe

  Around this time last month, I decided to participate as a team captain in my first ever Walk to Cure Arthritis (5K Walk Event). I gathered my Arthritis Anchors-  my supporters new and old, raised some funds for a cure, the hard-working researchers and better...

Arthritis Warrior Wednesday

I was diagnosed with RA in 2012 after childbirth. I’m a full-time working mom in Los Angeles.

Arthritis Warrior Wednesday

“Hello! I’m Kayla and I’m 24 years old. I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for five years this month.

5 Pain and Inflammation Products Relieving I Like Issue #2

This will be a series of my most liked pain and inflammation relieving products. Here is issue #2.

5 Ways to Have a Fun ‘Staycation’ When You Can’t Travel Due to Illness

Everyone deserves a vacation. Daily responsibilities can add up quickly, leaving us drained and in need of some TLC. After all, we only have one body and we need to treat all aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with respect.

Arthritis Thought of the Month: Question #16

Arthritis Thought of the Month: Question #16

Have you been affected by Step-therapy?

Also known as “fail-first”- a troubling practice employed by a majority of insurers that forces patients to try therapies preferred by the insurance company before their doctor-prescribed medication will be approved, even when doctors are certain the initial therapies won’t be effective.

read more

Keeping it Real With Arthritis Stories

Whether you are living with rheumatoid arthritis or another type of arthritis, we all have a unique story that deserves to be voiced, heard and shared. Equally of importance, is showing an accurate depiction of those living with the disease and providing a real-life glance of who the person istheir interests, passions, hobbies, goals, career, likes, dislikes and so on, behind the veil of arthritis.

Not only can sharing our stories raise awareness but also illuminate our paths for us to see that we are not alone on this journey and have  common experiences with one another.

Rheuma tips! Did you know?

Arthritis Thought of the Month


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“On my journey with rheumatoid arthritis, I have realized that it’s not only about fighting the condition. Living with it one day at a time- is what it’s all about. Every day I chose to keep going, rise above, and embrace all the good, the bad, and the ugly of RA.” -Effie

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  • I’ve often heard people say, “Rock bottom teaches you things mountain tops never can.” But I don’t agree, that’s if saying someone’s experience is less than or insignificant if they never were rock bottom...I’ve been on both sides and feel whether rock bottom or mountain tops, it doesn’t matter. Each view offers a perspective and teaches you something valuable the other can’t. ✨
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  • I Am Invisible No More: Part 3 is now on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ☝🏻
14 people living with invisible disabilities and/or illnesses from around the nation were asked to share one thing they wished society knew about this topic. Go show these amazing people some love and support ❤️ _____________________________________________________
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  • I AM INVISIBLE NO MORE: PART 2 is now live on YouTube! LINK IN MY BIO☝🏻Check it out
What was the public’s opinion on the topic of invisible disabilities and illnesses? 
We stopped a few people to ask their thoughts and handed out educational brochures with the answers to the questions. This lovely gentleman you see in this picture was nice enough to share his own personal experience living with an invisible disability and being questioned for using an accessible parking spot.
Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it!
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  • I AM INVISIBLE NO MORE: PART 1 is now live!!! Link in my bio ☝🏻
Invisible disabilities and illnesses are REAL, even if you can
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  • Watching the sunset at the park 🌅 
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  • ... and that’s a wrap! 🎥🎞
The documentary-style film I’ve been planning for awhile now happened today! Couldn’t have asked for a better crew and actors. We had a great time making this and can’t wait to share it with everyone during Invisible Disabilities Week, October 13th - 19th. 
Stay tuned!




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